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  • Carbonit NFP Premium Dualis water filter

Carbonit NFP Premium Dualis water filter

5.0/5.0 (1 rating)
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Carbonit NFP Premium Dualis water filter

5.0/5.0 (1 rating)
  • Item ID: 115296
  • Manufacturer: Carbonit
  • Model number: Premium Dualis
€ 48.90
Content: 1 piece 
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Carbonit water filter - cartridge NFP Premium Dualis 

Limescale protection and activated carbon filtration in one, the perfect all-round solution for drinking water treatment in the home, catering and industrial applications.

1st filtration stage

Like the NFP Premium, the Premium Dualis consists of a 0.45 µm coconut activated carbon block. Drug residues, heavy metals such as lead or copper, hormone-like substances, plasticisers, chemical-organic compounds such as herbicides and pesticides, as well as chlorine, sediments, bad taste or odour are reliably and naturally removed from the water; Carbonit activated carbon is currently hard to beat. Due to its litre capacity of well over 2 l/min, it is very well suited for the stainless steel vortex egg water swirler.

2nd limescale protection stage

The integrated granulate in the centre of the filter cartridge provides extensive protection against limescale residues over its entire service life; less limescale in the kettle, in the coffee machine, on taps, tiles or washbasins, pleasant drinking water for tea and coffee. The granules are of course food-safe and completely biologically neutral.

3. decomposition of old limescale residues

Carbon dioxide bound in the water releases microscopically small bubbles during limescale treatment, so-called 'micro-bubbles', which counteract the formation of germs and at the same time break down old limescale residues in pipes, kettles, coffee machines and many other appliances. 

The limescale protection granulate converts the temporary water hardness into aragonite crystals, dissolved limescale becomes insoluble and non-adhesive calcium carbonate, a process known in physics as 'heterogeneous catalysis'. 

The activated carbon used by Carbonit requires very few binding agents thanks to a previously unrivalled process known as sintering. In addition, the homogeneous carbon structure achieves an extremely effective and, above all, consistently stable pollutant adsorption capacity. 

In the case of high water hardness, the higher magnesium content cannot be structurally changed by heterogeneous catalysis and can therefore sometimes form light, lime-like residues.

Service life: 

The cartridge should be replaced after approximately 6 months or after approx. 5000 litres have been drawn off. A premature reduction in the flow rate may occur due to the increased presence of suspended matter (dirt particles);

This is not a defect of the cartridge but emphasises the need for filtration, but may require an earlier change.

Filter data:

  • Carbonit activated carbon monoblock 0.45 µm 
  • high-density sintered coconut activated carbon 
  • Dry weight approx. 500 gr.
  • All materials are food-safe
  • according to valid DIN regulation EN 12915.

Flow rate:

2 - 3 l/min. depending on water pressure.

Operating temperature: max. 35° C

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