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Samsung water filter DA29-10105J successor of WSF-100 new

5.0/5.0 (4 ratings)
Samsung / WINIX Logo

Samsung water filter DA29-10105J successor of WSF-100 new

5.0/5.0 (4 ratings)
  • Item ID: 191899
  • Manufacturer: Samsung / WINIX
  • Model number: DA97-17376B, HAF-QINS/EXP
€ 99.00
Content: 2 piece 
| Unit price: €49.50 / piece 
(tax included) + shipping costs
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Shipping: Ready for shipping, delivery in 48h

ORIGINAL Samsung water filter DA29-10105J Successor model of WSF-100

Retail price approx. 70,- Euro

Universal fit for all Samsung stand refrigerators (Side by Side) with external water filter

Delivery consists of :
1 x
Original Samsung Water filter Aqua Pure DA29-10105J, HAFEX/EXP( successor of  WSF-100 Magic Water Filter )
2 x retaining clips

Technical specifications of the filter:
Side by side refrigerator Ice and water filter
Manufacturer: Samsung  


Filter fineness: 5 µm
Spare part number: DA29-10105J
Filter content: ACTIVE COOL
Max. Flow rate: up to 3785 liters (1000 gallons)
Max. Flow/m: 1.9 liters ( 0.5 gallons)
Max. water temperature: 1-38°C (100 F°)
Pressure: up to 6.5 bar (100 psi)

Filtration with activated carbon:
This water filter is not, like most filters, only filled with activated carbon but consists of 2 filter stages.
First stage sediment filter down to 5µm micron (anything larger than 5 thousandths of a millimeter) against suspended particles and micro-sediments such as rust, sand, lime particles, etc.
The second stage is activated carbon made from real coconut shells, which removes mechanical impurities, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals and many organic chemicals. Water filters thus positively refine the taste, which you not only smell and taste but also see.

Advantages at a glance:
-Less foreign matter in your water and ice system
-deposits in the ice system are reduced
-Your water quality is higher
-Still better taste of water
-Diamond clear ice cubes

This filter fits all refrigerator models that have an external water filter. The external water filters are installed between the 1/4 inch plastic hose (6mm diameter) which is connected to the cold water line.

Suitable for refrigerators, fridges & ice makers from all brand manufacturers e.g:
Samsung (filter model: Magic Water WSF-100 DA2910105J)

For example: RS21DCMS1, RS21DCNS1, RS21DCSV1, RS21FCSV1, RS21FGRS1, SS20SH1, SS20SH2, SS20SP1, SS20WG1, SS20WH1, SS20WH2, SS20WH3, SS20WH5, SS20XA1, SS20XM1, SS20XM2, SS20XS1, S24ADESWQN, S24AHESWQN, SR-S2229CSS, SR-S2029LAS, SR-S2228D, SR-S2029GRS, SR-S2229D, SR-S24FTBS, RS21 FCMS, RS-21 FCMS and many other coocabinet types.

Please note:
The filter is not suitable for refrigerators which have an internal water filter.

Invoice with selected VAT (19%) and warranty in your name.

Filter change:
For health and technical reasons, our filter manufacturers recommend
generally every 6 months to change the filter, even if the filter
has a larger capacity.

According to the recommendation of the device manufacturers
you should always replace the water filter when:

-the associated warning light on your refrigerator lights up (depending on model),
-the refrigerator has not been used for a long time,
-in case of odour development or turbidity of the water,
-or, to be on the safe side, according to the TwVo at least every 6 months, even if the filter has a higher capacity!

You will find further information in the operating instructions of your device!

Shipping within 24 hours after receipt of money GUARANTEED!

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